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The Communication Leadership Exchange has served experienced professionals as a resource for best practices, creative ideas, insightful strategies, and most importantly, a strong, supportive professional community. Representing organizations of all sizes, from the one-person consultancy to the Fortune 500 corporations, our members are leaders in strategic communication, tackling strategic and tactical issues daily and building business success as they continue to grow professionally, often with the assistance or advice of an Exchange colleague.

Strategic Communication focusing on:

Internal and external communications, including change management, marketing, corporate communications, employee communications, HR communications, and executive communications. 

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  • Network with peers without getting lost in the crowd
  • Access strategic communications best practices any time
  • Your connections result in meaningful, one-on-one, confidential conversations with colleagues on communications issues.

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President's Column - October 2014

“I have been to a lot of conferences. You can have really meaningful conversation at The Exchange events. It opens doors and lines of communications that didn’t exist before. You really feel like you are a part of a community.”-       Zach Johnson, Syndio Social


Upcoming Events

12:00 Noon - EASTERN 

The Clash of The Ages
Michael Rudnick, Logical Design Solutions and Aniko Czinege, Bristol-Myers Squibb

In the third installment of our special 2014 Hot Topics series on Manager Communications, Michael Rudnick and Aniko Czinege will take us beyond compelling corporate visions, elegant key messages, robust manager toolkits and truth-telling metrics into the real gritty world of change communication. How do we bring the two together to find a way of managing the clash. Michael and Aniko will share (and ask for) examples of how to bridge the gap and bring harmony to the two ends of the spectrum.