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Exchange January 29, 2013 Press release

If you can only go to one Conference this year that can impact your ability to
drive business results, there is nowhere else to go but here: The Communication Leadership Exchange 2013 Annual Conference. Join us April 24-26. The Four Seasons Hotel. Las Vegas.

If you want thought leadership in communications, there is one place above all others to get it.

There’s a revolution going on in understanding, measuring and managing those  powerful, but until recently, opaque parts of communications: informal networks and interpersonal conversations. THE COMMUNICATION LEADERSHIP EXCHANGE 2013 ANNUAL CONFERENCE is the one place for senior communicators to connect to the front line of this revolution, with:

2013 Conference Registration is now open, and attendees who register prior to Dec. 31, 2012, will receive the early bird registration fee of $995.

Ben Waber, Ph.D. "Moneyball for Communicators"
alt Ben, a senior researcher at Harvard Business School, visiting scientist with the Human Dynamics Group at the MIT Media Lab, and author of the forthcoming book, Social Sense, will deliver insights around how everyday interactions, informal networks and non-verbal communication can lead to higher engagement and greater productivity among employees. Learn more about Ben here

Dr. Patricia Riley

alt Dr. Patricia Riley, Associate Professor and Director, Global Communication master's degree program at the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, will share recent findings around storytelling and how to use stories to inspire change among employees. Learn more about Patricia here

Mark Hellrung

altMark Hellrung, general manager of the Four Seasons Las Vegas, will take us through the Four Seasons' "Bluewater Innovation" effort. This process creates an environment that fosters new ideas and collaboration among employees to ensure consistent customer service at all hotel properties. Learn more about Mark here

Roger Bolton

altRoger Bolton, president of the Arthur W. Page Society, will discuss the New Model for corporate communications, as articulated in "Building Belief." The report captures the changes Chief Communication Officers and their teams are making to help their organizations build and protect brand and reputation in an era of radical transparency. Learn more about the New Model here, including press releases and coverage and access to the full report.

Eric Eisenberg, PhD.

alt Eric Eisenberg, PhD., Professor of Communication and current Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at University of South Florida, will discuss how to overcome situations when communication might just make matters worse. Learn more about Eric Eisenberg here

Zachary Johnson, "Measuring and Managing Influence."

altCo-founder and CEO of Syndio Social, Zach will demonstrate how social network data can be analyzed and applied to the next generation of organizational management." Learn more about Zach here

Chip Heath

altStanford University Professor and best-selling author (Switch, Made To Stick) CHIP HEATH has just agreed to join us at the Conference to talk about his new book, Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work, which will be released four weeks before the Conference opening day. All attendees will receive two copies of Chip's book: one to keep, and one for their company's C-Suite.

Chip will talk about practical ways to overcome the flaws and biases in human thinking -- that is in your thinking, and mine and your executives – that behavioral economics and cognitive neuroscience have highlighted in the last few years.

In other words, he'll provide insights and knowledge that can position you as a thought leader at the C-Suite level.

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