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“The Communication Leadership Exchange is all about building relationships. I have found no other single communications source out there that could substitute for the Exchange.”
Jill Vitiello, Vitiello Communications Group


 “The people are warm, inviting and welcoming to the new members. They have a lot of communications experts and advise to share and offer. As a first time member, the professional development and networking opportunities are great!”
Michelle Ghorbanian, Siemens

Membership Details

The Exchange's Member Center was developed to give members an easy place to manage their membership account (dues, demographics, passwords, receipts, etc.), make online payments and access members-only benefits. Membership with the Exchange affords you many members-only benefits.

The Exchange offers many educational resources and learning opportunities to members such as:
* Network with peers without getting lost in the crowd
* Access strategic communications best practices and learn about cutting-edge changes in our industry.
* A Members-Only Resources Center
* Access to the Exchange Career Center through JOBTARGET and notices through the member listserv
* Access to the Bestminds membership Listserv designed to share discussions and solutions to your specific issues
* Weekly compendium of the most recent academic, corporate, governmental and nonprofit research compiled from hundreds of sources.
* Access to the Membership Directory
* Discounted registration fee for the Exchange's Annual Conference
* Participation in the monthly Hot Topics presentations and discussions and access to the Hot Topics audio recordings.
* Access to speaker presentations from previous Exchange Annual Conferences.

What it takes to be a member
We’re not like all the others. We’re a selective bunch. Here, the best connect with the best. A typical member:

    Has at least 10 years of overall communications experience, with at least three at a manager level position;
    Comes from all types of organizations: corporate, non-profit, academia, government, health care, associations and consulting (individual practitioner,
     boutique or large firm); 
    Has responsibilities in a high-level role that shape and refine the communications landscape with measureable results; and 
    Will candidly share knowledge and opinions, making membership a genuinely two-way experience. This is perhaps the most important qualification

Our membership ratio of 60% “corporate” members and 40% consultants and vendors provides a rich, diverse mix of seasoned communicators from each professional area.

Got what it takes? Join us now

Annual membership dues are $300 USD, due each year on your anniversary date (the month in which your application is approved.)
We're a little different than your typical communications organization. We're senior communications influencers dedicated to sharing knowledge, advancing the profession and helping you and your organization succeed.

We sit solidly at the intersection of ideas and influence.  

Transforming business … one conversation at a time.
As individuals, we define excellence in communications within our respective organizations:
We're like a valued communications mentor, the one who gave you advice no one else would … or could;
We're like a trusted teacher, the one who pushed you beyond what you thought possible;
We believe in magic … backed by a dose of reality from the best minds in the communications business; and
We prefer the human approach in an age where texting passes for building connections. We talk. We exchange. We connect.

Annual membership dues are $300 USD, due each year on your anniversary date (the month in which your application is approved.)

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